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I have been dealing with Kaiser for 2 years for a hip problem. In 2014 of July I went into the office for hip pain. The doctor said I have sciatica so I went along with it . After six months I wasn't getting better so he sent me to physical therapy. The therapist sent a message to my primary care for ex rays. Again instead of that they sent me to spinal boot camp. After about 4 sessions they put me out. Now its been over a year and I finally... Read more

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I recently had surgery 11/1, at holy cross hospital and submitted a short term disability claim for time i was going to be out. my claims representative could not get the information she needed to process the claim, after several and i do mean several attempt to get the information she denied my claim, which ment no pay. I went to medical records signed the medical release forms, still no resolution, after countless phone calls i finally reached... Read more

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Kaiser Healthcare California has not had as part of its "physical" SOP a hearing test. I realized this out of my aging mother's experience. She's been a Kaiser member for over a decade. Her hearing deteriorate significantly through the course of several "physicals". As a side note, she strongly resisted her children's insistence that she attend a hearing test. In 2014 December I finally sneakily confronted her physician immediately after one of... Read more

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Wife had a aneurism, 3 days after being in ICU and not eating she had to threaten to leave to get a non-invasive procedure done. That part went well she was lucky, but she still had throbbing headaches. She was kept four days because of that, blood pressure, and ammonia, I have had ammonia she showed no signs of this. She was sent home still with headaches and strong pain medicine, she suffered a stroke two day later for blood clot. I... Read more

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Uncaring rude staff. Long ungodly waits in th er Harbor city Kaiser. Particularly rude Christian Lipinski.

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KP MEM Svc Cust Complaints Dept is rigged !! The patient/client has no chance of being wining a dispute or grievance with a doctor or department whatever team or individual that they are filing their complaint on I filed two complaints with Mem SVC I was not shocked nor was I surprised when both were rejected for inconclusive or insufficient data. I have a third one pending on the Process Member Services Process 1. You file a complaint with a KP... Read more

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I loved Kaiser when I had it through my job from 2006 -2009. I was able to once again be apart of this healthcare plan in 2012. I was happy with my care until 2015. I really loved my primary care physician until the beginning of that year. I was given Tylonal 3 to help control my chronic pain issues. I mainly used this pain medication at night to help me sleep. This is when the pain was extremely bad. During one visit, my doctor announced... Read more

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This is the letter I sent to Kaiser complaint department. It took me 3 times to send it through their website!! How ironic... Kaiser is absolutely the WORST insurance company!!!!!! I will start with my latest complaint. My thyroid levels were extremely out of range. Dr. Hope Mitchell adjusted my synthroid and gave me a 30 day supply. I came in to the Snellville GA center and had my blood work taken on 10/13/16, Thursday. I took my last... Read more

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I have 3 herniated disks (4 months now) they push drugs on you but don't have any answers for recovery. Is this pain what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life???? My pain has come down from a 12 to a constant 5. Changed doctors in the hope of getting help, but felt like the new doctor didn't want to deal with me. They sure like taking my $800.00 a month premium. This is the first time over the past 13 years that I have needed... Read more

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Please consider signing my petition about Kaiser Permanente: This may not be a direct issue of malpractice, but it could potentially lead to patient medication and/or surgery errors. For example, if the NCAL doctors can't see somebody's SCAL records and vice versa, then they are missing the opportunity to provide well-informed care on a... Read more

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