Bernard Tyson has been outed as a *** in court documents.The accusations are breaking and Bernard Tyson is expected to resign.Pressure is mounting on him and the once communications and disaster crisis manager now has a crisis of his own.

The resignation is expected within the next month and major shakeup in leadership is going to be occuring before May 1st.

If you would like more information you are more than welcome to. Bernard Tyson will be making the announcement very soon. We are so grateful to announce the news of this filthy ***

Thanks Bernard you are piece of garbage

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What the heck does being *** have to do with being trash? I can tell already that I don't like YOU!

I'm a traditional conservative and, even I, know better than to think that being *** is a hindrance on someone's abilities.

I really hope that you see the light.


You're disgusting. The problem with the internet is that it allows bigots and morons like you to spread your hateful rumor-mongering with impunity. I'm not ***, but I am an American and we despise intolerant trouble-makers like you.

Clearly, your mother and father were simpletons to have done such a poor job raising you.

Our society is worse because you exist, but someone has to be at the bottom of the bell curve.

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