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Cut my pain medication from 120 to 90. Just said we got to get your medicine down. Didn’t even ask how my pain is!

Product or Service Mentioned: Kaiser Permanente Doctor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Warning those opioids are really dangerous. I had been taking one half of a 5 mg pill for severe firbromyalgia pain for about two years.One day my pain was so bad I actually took a 5mg pill.

I was selling my sofa and two guys came to buy it and a side table. They tried to leave my house with the sofa without paying me. I told them they needed to pay me and they both insisted that they already did pay me. Being an educated reasonable person I said “ok there are two of you saying you paid me and only one of me and I just took a pain pill 35 minuets ago so I will check my pockets” OMG!

The money was in my pocket and I had ABSOLUTELY NO RECOLLECTION OF ANYONE GIVING IT TO ME! This scared the crap out of me and I immediately wrote to my Kaiser Doc and told him I had a strange adverse memory event on only 5 mg of Norco and to please cancel the prescription IMMEDIATELY. It was like a black out but I was fully awake and talking , walking around. I still to this day have no recall how f the event.

I am not on any other meds my labs are perfect so the only explanation is that *** is dangerous. What if I had been driving a car or?

Not worth it I will find another way to deal with the pain and warn anyone I meet about that stuff. Be extremely careful as your reaction to it can change in a NY minute!


I'm in the same boat. Had to change to Kaiser the 1st of the year.

I've been in pain management for 7 years. When I saw who was supposed to be a PM Dr I was told that my PCP would handle it. Cut me so far back I'm having WDS and she wo e help me at all. I will most likely ha e to pay out of pocket somewhere else.

This company sucks. Worst ins I've ever had.


They're doing that with everyone. Especially if its Vicodin.

My friend was on a higher dose for years, and they cut her dosage wayyy back. they dont even tell her. she ends up running out. i know alot of people who have to go buy it from friends, family, etc because they run.

out. That's because the government is barely intervening because "america has a drug problem".

This isn't new news. smh

to xtal68721313_40 #1447284

The Gov.is the one that made new laws on opiats that are now mostly 70% cut off ,thanks for nothing gubment liars.

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