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Have a lump in my breast. Referred to general surgery in Kensington, Md.

When I made the appt. I said, "hey, my mammagrams (don't get me started on how hard it was to get on a schedule of 'at-risk' patient) are at Shady Grove, so you will probably need to contact them before a surgeon sees me. Was told "oh, don't worry, everything is online that's the wonderful thin about Kaiser." Got to the appt.

Guess what? Mammagrams NOT online because they were not in the same location and the doctor was pissed and I was pissed because I missed 4 hours of work for nothing and she missed seeing other patients for nothing and blha blah blah

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The same thing happened to me at the Kaiser Permanente Urology Department in San Diego. They didn't upload the digitized X-rays to the server.

I'll bet that's what happened in your case. Why?

I believe they think we'll be okay, but there's something on the X-rays they can't explain, so they don't want to talk about them. Unfortunately, sometimes people aren't okay after Kaiser gives them the brush-off.

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