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I was seeing Dr. Johnson for years concerning stomach pains.

Was told to stop eating salt, change diet. prescribed pills(no effect). Went to this Dr. for yrs.

2006 complained of stomach pains, extreme fatigue, breast pain, nausea etc. Ask for referral to see a specialist, was told I needed to see a behavior specialist because he said "There is something going on at home" no real physical prob. and he wouldn't authorize an immediate appt. Saw a Dr.

2wks later who said I was 8wks preg. She didn't understand How he could have "done every test there is' according to him! Now that I know the symptoms of pregnancy, I believe that I was pregnant another time before. I could go on about the horrific treatment or should I say non-treatment of this branch.

Five years later, still suffering from chronic heart burn and girds. Cant afford to go outside of Kaiser and cant afford not to.


Monetary Loss: $1.

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K-Mart is right term to describe Kaiser.


K-Mart is right term to describe Kaiser.


I would say wow too except I won't because I know how Kaiser is bad at everything!They are the Kmart of Insurances!Enough said!


WOW! :sigh

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