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If you live in the Sacramento, Ca. area and you or your child are a patient at Kaiser Permanente I strong advise you to request a different doctor.

Dr.Yan Wang MD is in pediatrics specializing in teens from 12-18. She has been my person doctor for over 2 and a half year now. I'm a 17 year old female, and I don't like the way she treats me at all. You know how the media advise you to not be scared to ask your doctor questions.

Well, Dr.Wang does not care to hear your question if it is irrelevant to your appointment, and she is very judgmental. It makes me very uncomfortable, because I feel as if she is belittling me. For example my last visit I went because I had a Thrust throat and I needed a prescription. She didn't listen to me or any of my concerns at all.

She has me tested for strep throat, even though my appointment was for thrust. I told her I didn't think i have strep and that it was thrust that I had. She ignored me, probably because she's the doctor and knows she knows more than me. Turns out I came out negative for strep, and what was worst was she didn't even bother to test it for thrust as well.

It would make since to run an extra test just to be on the safe side, after all I went in because symptoms to thrust. Oh, and my STD test also came negative as well. I did not request a test at all, she just told me she was going to give me an STD test. I feel that is very inappropriate and a violation of my privacy, and the fact the she made me felt less than.

She made me feel as if I was a *** who needed to be tested every time I come in. I had already got tested the last time I went in, and the results came out negative. She even made the worst remark I have ever received. When I had asked her "how dose somebody catch strep throat?" and her response, "Don't worry its not from having sex, it's like catching a cold." That was the most inappropriate answer a doctor could ever give.

I was just curious how someone would catch strep, or cause it to accrue. Lastly when I began to talk to her about concerns I had, she didn't even let me finish explaining my situation. I had to take antibiotics for a infection from a facial piercing, and it caused me to have a yeast infection. I was trying to explain to her that ever since then I would get one after every 3 or 4 months.

I read that if you have more than 3 a year you should talk to your doctor. Well that's what I was trying to do, but she just shun me down. Before I could even finish telling her my situation, she told me that the antibiotics were a year ago so there should be no problem. She didn't even let me tell her, that it was after the antibiotics I had continuous yeast infections that are taking over my life.

So I went to planned parent hood and they actually listened to me and helped me with my problem for free. This is the visit that just crossed the line for me, and I would never want anybody to have to go through what I went to. I felt victimize and belittle, by her. I want her to be fired as a perpetration especially since she works with teens, because shes makes it very hard to talk to.

Teens need someone they can talk to about things they can't or don't feel comfortable talking about with their parents. Teens don't want to feel like they are being judged by their doctors, after already being judge by their peers.

Teens have a lot of questions going into adult hood, that needs to be explained in an ethical way. From personal experiences Dr.Yan Wang MD does not match those criteria.

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Sacramento, California, United States #811267

Sometimes Kaiser rules and training cause Dr.s that work there to forget the patient is a person,that rules are in place to help not harm them causing the patient to get offended or even not the correct treatment. I have had many years of treatment for my daughter nearly 8 and she has always handled all our treatments and help with nothing but professional and sincere behavior.

I hope you find the kinda are looking for and I just wanted to say also BRILLIANT for voicing your concerns and I think its so awesome a 17 yr old lady is taking time to share her experiences and griefs like you did. Nowadays most young people are way busy to write up a clean and smart review of their Dr. I bet you will go far in life.

Good luck! 8)

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