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Me and my family have been going to kaiser wateridge in los angeles for about three months treating with a psych.How to handle the kids they don't listen to use qt all always rude , they fight everywhere.

Babes kids really we don't punish them we use the time out , can't play outside etc.... But it's not working for us that's why we seeked help. They are 5,8 and 9. My eight yr old told her crying he was sorry he got me mad in the morning i told i love him and i was also sorry again.

After the meeting she said she was calling children services. We are trying to fix are relation with all of us to be a better family. Now we have to deal with this.

We will files a complaint her and kaiser.We wen't for help not a bigger problem.

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Yikes!That sounds awful!

I went to a psychologist twice at their Harbor City branch as part of their so-called pain management program which would be a joke if the patients weren't in such severe pain and they just accuse them of nasty things (like making it up to get drugs even though the MRI shows herniated disks and nerve damage). I went to one of their neurologists (another long and bad story) and somehow he knew very very specific things that I had said to their psychologist (there is absolutely no other way he could have known these things).

I hate them.There is a special place in *** for these people.

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