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received my paperwork for COBRA coverage the beginning of March 2018. I decided to sign up for it, since I needed medical for 2 months before my new job’s insurance. Bad mistake. Not only did they deposit it, but I wasn’t covered for the month of snatch. 1st time I called after mailing the payment, rep said should only take a few days to kick in. Less than a week later, check was mailed locally to her. I still had no coverage and check had not cleared. I called again and this time was told I had to speak to my work regarding COBRA even after I told her that I already spoke to them and was told they don’t handle because a Kaiser prefers to handle it directly. I called my work again and was told to contact Kaiser. I called and spoke to the same rep who again said I had to talk to my work. Meantime my check cleared my account and I was showing no coverage.

3rd call spoke to same rep again. After insisting she speak to a supervisor she finally admitted she was wrong and it takes 30-45 days to process COBRA to which I said, "Cancel my coverage, because at the end of 45 days I would almost be on my new employers." I also mentioned my check cleared. I got an answer to my complaint and request for refund. They refused even though they admitted I had no coverage for the month of March. Even if I had written the required termination letter it wouldn’t take effect until the next month. But they were more than happy to take a retro letter pushing it back to April instead of May. I am extremely angry and upset with Kaiser. There was no way to terminate March in February and not only that they admitted that I paid for no coverage in March and too bad they were keeping my money despite providing me no coverage.

They are crooks who take your money and if you are entitled to a refund too bad. Also sorry if you had no coverage for the month you paid. Kaiser will be more than happy to go after someone if you had an accident, but when it comes to money they owe you they will lie and cheat you to keep it. For a non profit that is not supposed to be making money off of their customers they are crooks. I love their doctors but their accounting dept is crooked and they need to be investigated for their behavior. So Kaiser told me I had to appeal to Managed Health Care after my denial by them. They told MHC I was covered the whole month of March, grant it was retroactively and that I asked them to terminate April 1st. Not only that they denied refund again. The things they will do to keep money. Fact #1, I was not covered until March 19th. I called practically almost every day to find out my coverage status. I was told to pay out of my pocket until then and then they would reimburse. After all, I have thousands of dollars for that right. Emergency room for asthma attack, medicine, and counseling appointment. Definitely did not have, plus knowing Kaiser they would take months to reimburse and then skyrocket their prices so I would get less back.

Fact #2 their own contact who talked to me initially about the complaint denial admitted the grievance team did not have all the facts, like their reps giving wrong info and that Medi-Cal covered my emergency room visit earlier that month. Also, I had to cancel a counseling appointment due to no coverage. But, oh sorry they only review once and that is it. But if MHC finds in my favor they will refund. Not, they are fighting to keep the money and lying to do it. Also, their solution. They will talk to their reps. By the way to this day still give wrong info. That April 1st effective date, was their doing. They initially told me to not pay April and it would terminate on its own. Another lie by one of their reps. The day I got their denial in mid April, they told me I needed to write a letter to cancel and they were going to make it retroactive to April 1st out of courtesy.

The whole reason for their denial, I didn’t cancel the month prior. Which is impossible with COBRA, because paperwork does not get sent until month coverage ended by employer which would be March. Not only that because I had an emergency visit at the beginning of March, which I used Medi-Cal because I had no coverage with Kaiser at the time. If they don’t refund my money. I don’t know what to do next.

Managed Healthcare just denied me, basically backing up Kaiser once again. So much for protecting consumer rights. They protected Kaiser's. Appeal is pointless with Kaiser, because no one will take your side even when Kaiser is wrong. Both admitted I wasn't covered until March 19th and if I had been told the correct information, they also admitted that they I would have probably not enrolled in COBRA. Yet I am here, out $558.96 for a month I was not fully covered despite them saying I was. Who has thousands of dollars for emergency costs up front, let alone time for Kaiser to pay them back whenever they choose. Kaiser knows they were wrong, but Managed Healthcare is letting them get away again as usual. This is plain and simple crooked. No policy or procedure can make up for their reps having lack of knowledge of policies or how long it takes to process COBRA, let alone the fact they still will tell you to goto your work.

Good luck in fighting anything against Kaiser and good luck in appealing to Managed Healthcare, because neither one of them will look out for consumer interests. It is all about money and they won't give it up ever, right or wrong. The whole appeal process is a joke and you can't even sue them, per membership terms everything has to go thru arbitration which in itself is a joke. Like I said nothing will ever go your way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $559.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: How they handled my cobra coverage.

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I received a refund check for $8.96 of overpaid premium. Took 3 months for them to figure that out and 1 month to deny.

Interesting. Original amount was $558.96, so I am still $550.00 in the whole for most of the month of March I had no coverage.

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