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I loved Kaiser when I had it through my job from 2006 -2009. I was able to once again be apart of this healthcare plan in 2012. I was happy with my care until 2015. I really loved my primary care physician until the beginning of that year. I was given Tylonal 3 to help control my chronic pain issues. I mainly used this pain medication at night to help me sleep. This is when the pain was extremely bad.

During one visit, my doctor announced due to changes in the law concerning pain medication, he would be asking me questions and drug testing me. He was very cold about this. The questions are invasive, insulting, and downright rude. I passed the drug test also. Which I felt overkill for Tylonal 3 because it is legal in almost every other country but ours.

I had very little need to see my doctor. Except when I started getting really bad stomach aches. I emailed my doctor concerning this issue. I made a appointment with him, but there was no availability for two weeks! His response was to make a appointment with my gastro doctor. I called to do just that, and I would of had to wait for two months. The customer care representative suggested I make a appointment with the nurse practitioner. I was in so much discomfort I agreed. Prior to the appointment, my stomach hurt so bad I ended up in the ER. Which I was ignored. The ER doctor gave me the mediciI needed, and the uppity nurse practitioner just increased the dose. It was a total waste of a co-pay. No wonder that guy has a open schedule!

Whenever I had not seen my doctor within a six month period he would have his nurse call me and request a appointment to interrogate me. Yet anytime I needed a appointment I could never get one. I was lucky if I could get one a week in a half in advance! If I was sick I usually had to make a appointment with another doctor, or go to Urgent Care. This seemed to annoy him somewhat. It was not like I asked for pain medication. It was usually for a URI or a UTI. maybe he should not have so many patients so he had a more open schedule.

Shortly after the last interrogation, in which I was asked once again if I sell my Tylonal 3 and other intrusive and demeaning questions. I asked my doctor if he could fill a script for a lot steroids. This was requested by the physical therapist since I had a pinched nerve. Steroids help with inflammation. He lectured me about how I should have contacted my physical medicine doctor. I was seeing him, it was not a narcotic I was asking for! He did so quite reluctantly.

Three days later I had a bad reaction and in so much pain in my back, stomach, left side I ended up in the ER. I was given morphine and told it was a bad reaction to the steroids. I was told to discontinue using them.

I was in so much pain I could not sleep. I could barely walk either. I kept throwing up too. The anti nausea medicine did nothing to help. I emailed my doctor about what was happening on Sunday. On Monday, I called the call center. I did not hear back. I had a second sleepless night. I called early in the morning on Tuesday. I still got no reply. The following day I once again call early. I heard nothing.. I call a second time in the early afternoon. Right before the office closes I get a message from his office unrelated to my situation! I was livid! I made a complaint. Of course I got a call on Thursday. I felt better, and did not need pain medication anymore. He left me in horrible pain.

I found out that Kaiser no longer gives pain medication. Instead of informing me of this, he left me to suffer in agony. Kaiser is barbaric to do this to people in pain. I hope my doctor, other doctors who follow this bs, as well whoever thought to make this policy end up in the pain I was on.

It gets even better! I got a new doctor and she is forcing me off the Tylonal 3. My husband pays a great deal of money for this health plan for them to treat me like ***. Lucky for me I live in a state that pot is legal for medical use. I will be getting my media card. I also know a place that offers your media card and is pain management. It is cash only. So, my husband is paying for a health care plan I cannot even get Tylonal 3 from. Great! Thrive can take a dive! It sucks and treat their customers like ***!

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). kaisersucks13 is overall dissatisfied with Kaiser Permanente. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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San Leandro, California, United States #1238261

Anyone considering kaiser. Watch out!

Worst Rheumatology doctors ever. They tell everyone it's fibromaygiia. .then say they don't treat it. I won't except their *** any more.

I've had labwork done and they dont even believe the results. They bash thier own doctors and send you home with an empty wallet.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1231449

Boy, do you have problems!!! You appear to be addicted to narcotic pain meds and really need to get off them from the sound of your symptoms.

I don't know what a "media card" is for pot medical use but if you think pot will help you with your "pain" then go for it. Probably better than Tylenol #3 or similar.

You get a buzz from either one. Good luck in life.

to h.kitchener Orange, California, United States #1234420

You do not know me, or my medical condition. Just a small portion of what I am going through.

It must be nice not spending everyday in some sort of pain. Enjoy your life of being a judgemental troll. Why not go under the bridge you came from.

I hope you have a accident or something in which you are in pain daily. Something that is NOT YOUR FAULT BECAUSE YOU HAD A MORONIC DOCTOR WHO DID NOT DIAGNOSE IT.

to Anonymous #1362829

Well Kitch is spending every day being a troll addict dissing every post anyone makes about anything...what a wierdo! I just don't get it.

Hope you get your meds soughted, must be terrible.

to h.kitchener #1389918

You obviously dont have chronic pain. You should refrain from judging others. May God smite YOU with it.

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