Hi there I'm just checking to see what was your luck with getting out of Kaiser and changing to a new insurance being on the pain medications . I too am in the same boat they are decreasing my meds and they are the only things that help me function -the new meds they gave me for withdrawal have made me worse and bedbound -at least before I can get up and do a few things and have some sort of life.I have osteoarthritis ,DJD , pyriformis syndrome herniated disc scoliosis and a few more. Now I am treated like a drug addict and urine tested at appointments!

Kaiser has an Opiod Guidelne of 120 mg but I don't believe it's every insurance plan that is doing this and that it is part of an FDA regulation. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

I am not a drug seeker . I take this medication to function and have a somewhat normal life, not be bedbound. I have never abused my drugs ,never even used my prescribed amount and never ran out before I should have. I believe this is causing undue pain and stress to true chronic pain patients who have to come in for more appointmentand , see more specialists such a psychology and physical therapy and biofeedback so they could bill for more money ? I don't know I'm not sure but all it's doing is putting more stress, work and pain for these patients who are not responsible for the drug seekers out on the street and the illegal part of the opioid industry.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Warning those opioids are really dangerous. I had been taking one half of a 5 mg pill for severe firbromyalgia pain for about two years.One day my pain was so bad I actually took a 5mg pill.

I was selling my sofa and two guys came to buy it and a side table. They tried to leave my house with the sofa without paying me. I told them they needed to pay me and they both insisted that they already did pay me.Being an educated reasonable person I said “ok there are two of you saying you paid me and only one of me and I just took a pain pill 35 minuets ago so I will check my pockets” OMG! The money was in my pocket and I had ABSOLUTELY NO RECOLLECTION OF ANYONE GIVING IT TO ME!

This scared the crap out of me and I immediately wrote to my Kaiser Doc and told him I had a strange adverse memory event on only 5 mg of Norco and to please cancel the prescription IMMEDIATELY. It was like a black out but I was fully awake and talking , walking around.I still to this day have no recall how f the event. I am not on any other meds my labs are perfect so the only explanation is that *** is dangerous.

What if I had been driving a car or?Not worth it I will find another way to deal with the pain and warn anyone I meet about that stuff. Be extremely careful as your reaction to it can change in a NY minute!


So many chronic pain patients are in the same boat as you are. They simply don't care how much pain you are in they claim its all in the brain and the pain meds don't work.

B.S. I know when I take my meds I feel better when I don't I hurt so much I curl up in a ball and cry. I wish there was some way we could prove to these jerks how much pain we are really in. 5 back surgeries and fibromyalgia.

Oh and its like some of their team of people are pushing you to use pot!

Of course then they can call you a druggie and stop all meds,, I say we start a class action law suit. I pay dam good money for my insurance to be called and TREATED like nothing more then a street addict!

Rancho Cordova, California, United States #1271390

I have had chronic pain for decades from scoliosis, dengernerative disc disease, 7 car accidents - none my fault- Osteoarthritis, Pagets disease of the bone, among other things. I spent years on opioids including the Fentanyl patch.

I've had three procedures on my facet joints - radio ablation - and had good results. I'm 63 years old. I am off all opiodd at my choice. I still have pain everyday.

I am now a Kaiser member. The chronic pain clinic has helped me tremendously with learning to accept my pain and work towards my strengths. I go to physical therapy classes 3-4 days a week and have one on one physical therapy once a week. I see a psychologist in the clinic who is helping me to accept my pain and my life as it is.

While I have limitations I'm improving without addictive medications. I used to think I could not function without drugs but now I see that I can. I have had to make a commitment to myself and become partnered with my team at Kaiser to get stronger.

I have emphathy for sufferers of chronic pain and want to encourage people to fight for your health not for drugs. If it's really bad take some *** and carry on.

to Anonymous #1386634

Which kaiser dr

Wrote this?

to Scott michaels #1406714

Right ,same thing i was thinking.The doctors are fake and go by a script to turn down treatment like a crooked insurance car dealer shyster.

to Anonymous #1414242

My mom has neuropathy so badly, it feels like she's on fire. And that's Kaiser's answer?

Just to "accept it?" This is cruel and inhuman.

I just recently found out that her Primary Care doc has been lying to us for years, saying she's already on the "maximum" amount of pain relievers, when she's nowhere close. Shame on Kaiser.

Ukiah, California, United States #1227435

In my opinion pain management clinics should have staff that suffer with severe chronic pain. This way they can relate to what patients are experiencing. I am sick of doctors and staff thinking the problem is in the patients head or that the patient is only after drugs.

to Anonymous #1387053

You can thank Dr. James Sarno (see his book on Amazon) for popularizing a theory that pain is from (Type A) personality traits.

I'm sure that IS true for some people but like everything, one size fits all is a misnomer. Medical studies have shown that pain management is often poor through a poor understanding of what causes chronic pain in the first place. Now couple that with the illegal narcotics trade and the "doctor shopping" that some addicts will do and you have a recipe for how people who have no addictive personality traits (and no abuse history) are lumped in with those who seek out such drugs for psychological purposes (and physiological addiction). Its sad that its come to this but when you add in the last straw — that insurers cover very few alternatives such as acupuncture and massage, and you have The Perfect Storm.

Everyone who wants the drugs for illicit reasons can get them because they will get them illegally and everyone who needs them legitimately, to control pain and maintain a productive (working) life, doesn't get them. Then you have more and more people signing up for disability because they have poorly controlled pain and can't work full time. It's a vicious cycle that is being perpetuated by Opioid Hysteria. Meanwhile, these same FDA regulators and doctors who think the "pain is in your head" can down as much wine as they want every night and even though ALCOHOL is a leading risk factor for car accidents, breast cancer and all manner of harm, alcohol remains legal.

Go figure, the drug-of-choice by the Educated Elite doesn't get touched with a yardstick.

But pain patients? They can fall into a gutter for all these elitists care.

to Anonymous #1573077

Well said

Palmdale, California, United States #959424

I have the same problem. I'm talking to a few people about a class action suit

to fighton Denver, Colorado, United States #968757

Coun t me in. I was on the same dose of pain meds for 10 years.

Now, the new policy cut my meds by 75% and been replaced by meds that make me sick, unable to breath. Recommendations for massage and acupuncture at 60 dollars each, plus the additional prescriptions and Kaiser stands to make a lot of money!

to fighton Sacramento, California, United States #1274021

Oh dear God. Tell there is a suit?

Ive been stuck with Kaisr for years.

I have spinal issues.

I now am wheelchair bound because they cut me off cold from pain meds.

I have jumped through every hoop pain management has thrown at me. From acupuncture to physical therapy to needles inserted on my back and frying the nerves.. Nothing has worked.

Im close to suicide. I cant take the pain anymore..


You could also teach yourself to do self hypnosis for pain control. I have done that for about 10 years, and it works about 95% of the time and when it doesn't I pop a couple aspirin and the two combined do the job.


You are in california.Have you tried some good medical mj?It can be life changing.No side effects like pills at all.Yes your pain management might drop you for testing positive for mj..but ask yourself this are they really helping me?Educate yourself on how you can be pain free.

to mi #1392831

Most people suffering from chronic pain can not afford medical marijuana ,

to Mike #1404017

I am in the same boat. I was cut off the pain medication that helped me function.

My family is changing insurance companies over this.

My doctor even took me off non narcotic medication for stomach cramps without even informing me! Screw them!

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