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This review is for Frank J. Lang, M.D. You are responsible for my Mother’s death. You failed to provide adequate medical care for my Mom. My Mom found out just two days before her death that she had Stage 4 bladder cancer with metastasis which had spread to her liver. Lang is such a quack that he told my Mom, at her final appointment (08/17/2017) with him, that she was healthy, and she wouldn’t have to see him for another three months--- My Mom was dead three weeks later. My Mom was extremely jaundiced with spider agiomomas on her torso and face, yet Lang said she was healthy. My Mother told Lang that she had blood in her urine, constant nose bleeds, was very fatigued, unable to eat, had severe stomach and flank pain yet Lang said she was fine. All Lang wanted to discuss was how his wife sells real estate and they own a lot of land. We, again, requested to see a liver specialist and to have a CT scan done immediately but Lang said it was unnecessary, placated us by saying he would do a CT scan in three months. My Mom and I knew Lang was wrong, so we made another appointment, returned on 08/21/2017 with Dr. Truong. He took one look at my Mom and could see her health was not good. Truong ordered a CT scan stat and a liver panel test. My Mom and I drove to Kern Radiology then returned to Kaiser. Truong told my Mom her CT scan was clear and she probably had a bladder infection. However, he said her bilirubin levels were almost double what they should be. We were never told by Lang about a MELD score, or a liver transplant should be considered.

Following morning we received a phone call that the CT scan was not clear as Truong had stated; instead it displayed a network of lesions on my Mother’s liver. Lang called my Mother and said he would finally arrange an appointment IN TWO WEEKS with a hepatologist in Los Angeles. My Mother again stated that she didn’t feel well. Lang told her just to wait until she saw the liver specialist.

Two of the lesions were over 5 cm which meant they were growing for some time. I emailed Dr. Lang and requested a cancer test be conducted immediately. Lang never emailed back. Seeing that my Mother’s health was declining, I emailed Lang and requested a direct admission into the hospital. Lang never returned the email.

My Mother was hospitalized in March/2017 when a lesion was detected on the right lobe of her liver and hardening of her bladder wall. Lang noted this yet never fulfilled his duty to refer my Mother to a hepatologist. Lang also failed to observe obvious signs of bladder cancer. Lang and Kaiser repeatedly dismissed my Mother’s bladder issue as a UTI. Any over the age of 70 with constant blood in the urine, flank pain and problems with urinating should undergo tests for bladder cancer. We were never told by Lang about a MELD score, or a liver transplant should be considered. My Mom went to UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical and told she needed a liver transplant ASAP. The doctors at UCLA were horrified that my Mom’s health was allowed to deteriorate by Kaiser. UCLA performed a biopsy and cancer tests (which I had requested Kaiser conduct, but they denied), and it was discovered my Mom had cancerous lesions over her entire liver

Frank Lang should not be practicing medicine. I will be moving to have his medical license revoked. If he is your physician, then switch to another immediately. Lang epitomizes everything Kaiser is notorious for: lazy, placating, incompetent, apathetic, and views your health through the lens of cost-benefit analysis so that Kaiser can keep their expenses down and profits up. Lang is worthless and should be in prison. I had to stand over my sweet Mother’s coffin because of Lang. I stood in front of a chapel full of family and friends at my Mom’s funeral and explained what Lang and Kaiser had done. My family is proceeding with a wrongful death medical malpractice and bad faith lawsuit against Frank Lang and Kaiser Permanente

Product or Service Mentioned: Kaiser Permanente Family Practice Doctor.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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They killed my mom too by telling her that her cancer was gone and they didn't even try to monitor her!The cancer came back and spreader to her lungs, liver and brain, crippled her, made her bedridden, a vegetable and killed her!She's been dead for a year now!


I hate Kaiser there such liars my mother ugh had liver cirrhosis abd they kept saying oh your ok all they care about are the numbers and insurance i despise Kaiser and all the doctors


Thank you for this warning for all potential and current customers of Kaiser Permanante. I am deeply sorry for the lost of your mother.

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