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I'm a chronic pain pt. in Portland, and have had horrific treatment from Kaiser.

After 10 years of stability and compliance with morphine, in Aug. of 2012 they stated my dose was too high. Started reducing my meds despite my objections and fears. Went through a transition from morphine to fentanyl (which did not work well for me, too many side effects).

Then back to morphine again.It cost me thousands of dollars for monthly, even biweekly appointments. For countless prescriptions as I transitioned between meds and doses. $15 each whether it was for 10 days, two weeks or a month. For meds to help with more than a year of withdrawal symptoms They now have a blanket max dose of 220mg per day, for all, no matter how effective for individuals.

So my dose is approx. half of what it was. My pain is NOT under control. I tried it for 11 months, tried to make it work, tried to regain my life, finally went back to tell them it's not working.

Sorry lady, nothing more we can do for you. Period, end of story, deal with it. I followed all the rules, I did everything they asked of me. Went to pain classes, did biofeedback, tried to be patient with the transitions.

They kept saying "Be patient, it will get better." But when it didn't, they sent me on my way, I'm maxed out on their morphine policy, can't be given any more, nothing else we can do for you. Boo hiss on their treatment of chronic pain patients.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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agreed 100% this is happening all over. we need to stand together and start screaming back!

Portland, Oregon, United States #1110432

Me again, from above. Update: kept going back to push for relief from constwnt pain.

Demanded a meeting with the head of the Pain Clinic. After the meeting, in which she stated that my chronic pain would go away if I got off pain meds, they started cuttingvmy meds again. I am now at a dose cut of over 75% . My initial dose was around 400 mg daily.

Then they cut me to a bit over 200 mg. After the meeting, I am now at under 90 mgdaily, and they are still cutting them. I have lost my life at their hands. I lie in bed 90% of the time, and wish i didnt have to wake up each day.

They did this to me.

And nothing I say or do will change their minds. How is this in my best interest?

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