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Update by user Jun 25, 2016

Here are more documents for you to look at before they disappear if they do disappear you can go to Rip-Off Report: #1203675 is a site that DOESN'T take anything off like Pissed Consumer does they have been removing posts about Kaiser & their Good Buddies pertaining to the "Bumbling Three Stooges" attempt to make what happened on January 19, 2012 up to this day disappear.

I'm also asking for Ideas to set up a COLLECTION BOX this is on my Facebook for the OCR HHS & DMHC seems they don't have enough money for "Original Letterhead" along with the "Original Signatures" of the manager or department head.

They make up form letters along with copies of signatures. They have to make copies ahead of time along with their decission about your complaint.

You can go to any search engine & put dklisiak along with Twitter & Google & Facebook. You can also see documents that are still there Rip-Off Report doesn't take anything off not like some of the sites I have posted on where they disappear as fast as I can type them.

Update by user May 31, 2016

This is the document from the HHS OCR informing me that Kaiser didn't break any of the Hipaa laws.

Original review posted by user May 30, 2016

You have seen on the news just how much the state & federal agencies we pay taxes to that are suppose to protect us but don't!!!!!!

Here is just one of many many many stories that are in writing from Kaiser & their "Good Buddies" IN WRITING you don't ever see absolute corruption like this that has been put on paper by the parties who are guilty EVER!!!!!!

But here they are & it is now May 29, 2016 & I'm still dealing with this MESS!!!!!!

Hipaa Fraud, Lies, Cover-Ups, Tampering with Evidence, Removing Evidence, used as a "Safeguard" to cover up "God only knows how many Hipaa Breach Violations that day by sitting for an appointment Kaiser canceled on January 19, 2012?

This letter attached from Kaiser please read it you will not beleive what is stated IN WRITING from Kaiser.

January 19, 2012 I paid for another Kaiser Members Co-Pay & received another Kaiser Members Medical Information Receipt & when I asked for mine it was also a REPRINT so from the Reprinted Medical Information Receipt of the other Kaiser Member to my Reprinted Medical Information Receipt there are THIRTY-FIVE (35) numbers.

These documents show you just how much they don't care about our Civil Rights!!!!!!

This is the answer that I received from Kaiser Permanente Union City Adult Medicine Manager & the investigation done by The Greater Southern Alameda Compliance Department Officer for review & action as appropriate.

This is Kaiser Permanent's answer to my complaint along with what the appropriate action taken by The Greater Southern Alameda Compliance Officer for Kaiser.

On April 25, 2013 I received a call from my doctors office informing me they were not going to refill this prescription that I had left on the Refill Recorder. I informed my doctor I didn’t put in a request for a refill.

Someone called the Kaiser Permanente refill recorder to get a refill. Anybody that is or has been a member of Kaiser Permanente knows that when you call in a refill before you can do anything you have to put your name, medical record number & prescription number on the recorder to get any kind of prescription refilled.

This is what I have been forced to do since Kaiser & their “Good Buddies” the OCR HHS & DMHC have CLOSED ALL my complaints along with the appeals. It is an "FYI" for anybody interested in what our LOYAL state & federal government agencies do for us & the real way Kaiser Permanente does business.

I didn't like: Hipaa cover ups lies.

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