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Update by user Dec 04, 2015

Seems that the "Phantom" has struck again. You will not find these two reports that had documents uploaded with them "The Phantom" has them.

Not even Pissed Consumer can control this "Phantom" it has not followed any of the policies that are disclosed on this site with Pissed Consumer.

These report numbers are: 583279 & 640442 I guess someone didn't like the title I gave to report number 640442 "Kaiser Hippa Fraud, lies, cover ups & the OCR HHS & DMHC that had 550 hits in two months & me being used as a "Safeguard" on January 19, 2012 waiting to see my doctor for an appointment Kaiser canceled to cover-up the several "Hippa Breach Violations" & technical help from the OCR & HHS.

Update by user Dec 04, 2015

I'm attaching two letters I sent to corporate that have magically disappeared from my posts.

There was no 404 message nothing from Pissed Consumer. In Pissed Consumers policies a post or documents cannot be removed without the person posting those documents is contacted.

Update by user Aug 03, 2015

I will be uploaded documents that prove Kaiser received Technical help from the OCR "Off Consumer Rights" the DMHC "Demented Mangled *** Care" & the HHS "*** non Human Service"

What Kaiser continues to do & get away with is absolutely unbelievable I don't think anybody that works at Kaiser even knows what the truth is.

They say they call but that call shows up NOWHERE on your phone bill they call you from private numbers unlisted numbers & from companies that are "Answering Services" now just "WTF" is that all about?

When you call the number listed on your letter they NEVER return your call no matter how many times you call.

They NEVER answer your complaints they just put lotsofshit out about your complaint. Some of the answers are totally OFF the WALL.

Kaiser needs to answer to the proper state & federal agencies along with there "Good Buddies" the OCR DMHC & HHS. Seems they didn't communicate very well when they tried to cover up what happened on January 19, 2012.

I would have never found out about someone using my "Medical Information" to get prescriptions along with other services from Kaiser if my doctor hadn't called me in April 2013 to tell me they would not fill my prescription "I told her I never called anything in". Then by chance I found out quite by accident just what really happened that day January 19, 2012 when I called & asked for my records. Seems I was used that day as a "Safeguard" to cover up several Hippa Breach Violations which is mentioned in documents from Kaiser's "Good Buddies" where they also mention Technical Help to Kaiser maybe that is where the several missing emails went whothefuck knows where they went. When I asked what happened to my emails on January 16, 2015 it took almost 7 months & the answer I got you can see it for yourself it will be uploaded.

Just where was this "Compliance Manager of the Kaiser Permanente Digital Service Group back in January 2015 on the 16th when I asked the question about my missing emails? Then it takes less then a month for the Senior Case Manager at Kaiser to answer my complaint? Just "WTF" is that all about? Does she have more power then the Compliance Manager of the Kaiser Permanente Digital Service Group?

Is there such a person? I have asked several times what this persons name is so far I have NEVER received an answer & I have asked it many times. All of them knew that day my appointment had been canceled along with three (3) other appointments on the same day with three (3) different doctors in three (3) different places. Not to mention getting someone else's "Medical Information Receipt" which was a "Reprint" they had a lot of "Reprints" not only in Fremont but Hayward to that day my they were busy.

Besides the emails for January & February 2012 there are also Hippa Breach Violation emails missing from March 16, 2012 which as you will see by the uploaded document that day March 16, 2012 is not there. There are other things but I don't put all my cards out I put them out a little at a time & I still haven't played my several ACES yet. One of the documents that will be uploaded is the letter from a senior case manager at Kaiser who apparently can't read nor retain what she reads along with all the other case managers at Kaiser. She has closed all my complaints doesn't care how ridiculous Kaiser's answers are doesn't care just how *** they are & doesn't care if they are lies basically they don't giveafuck about how bad they look after all they have been getting away with it all the time.

This senior case manager has also ignored or doesn't understand my email (which will be attached) informing Kaiser that if they couldn't answer my complaints correctly & honestly don't answer at all that included up to May 31, 2015. This senior case manager closed ALL even the ones up to July 17, 2015 that haven't been answered yet, is this not a "Riot" or what? Kaiser has "Stonewalled" & continue to "Stonewall" by making it difficult to get answers so you have to write the case manager in your Kaiser online account & hope they get it. Even when you tell them to answer it correctly & tell them what site & what review number to look at they don't they just don't care & this shows it.

I will be posting ALL the letters that I have received pertaining to some of the complaints. These letters will not be altered in anyway it will show you the whole document along with the Kaiser Case Managers who wrote them.

Update by user May 23, 2015

This is what I received from Kaiser when I asked what happened to my emails from January 2012 to February 2012 when I filed a complaint about the Hippa Breach. They are using this letter to tell me that I have NO right to those emails in MY online email account with Kaiser!

Just “WTF” do they think they are?

It is a letter dated July 26, 2012 informing me that this Hippa Violation Breach was closed & it doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that I sent a complaint in to find out where those two months went. The OCR & Kaiser knows where they are & what happened to them. The “Good Buddies” are keeping tight on that one.

I now refer to the OCR as “Off Consumers Rights” just slapped Kaiser on the hand & it was business as usual with the two “Good Buddies”.

Since when can Kaiser go into my online Kaiser Membership email & take the Hippa Violation Emails & delete them? Just “WTF” do they think they are? Asssss the lot of them not to mention “Iiddiioottss” & very good liars.

Since January 19, 2012 when the Hippa Violation occurred & Kaiser along with there “Good Buddies” over at the OCR went back to business as usual. Since this incident someone has stole my ID, they have tried to get refills, they have used my SS# to file taxes, I had to mail my taxes in they couldn’t be done online someone else had already filed there taxes under my SS#. I have had to file a police report, contact the three credit bureaus, contact the FTC, submit documents not to mention filling out forms to the IRS along with proving who I’m etc., etc.

Someone needs to answer for this & they need to be SUED for what they have done.

And like I have said many times it has taken me as long as four years to catch “Evil Corrupt Corporations” & it is time for Kaiser to get the well deserved “Karma” that has been waiting for them. That ACE up my sleeve I believe will do that for me.

The OCR also needs to be sued. They can’t open this case again per there own documents submitted to me along with the rules & regulations.

They can’t go to the documents that were sent to them in January 2012 & February 2012 they don’t have them. They have the nerve to ask me again to send them? They can go “***” themselves for all I care.

They have been informed if they want documents they can go to the many websites they have been posted on to get them. Liars absolutely disgusting!

Update by user May 16, 2015

On January 19, 2012 I became a victim of "Identity Theft" due to Hippa Breach Violation along with who knows how many members at Kaiser. Who knows when this Hippa Breach started or where it started.

I will be attaching more documents with this update. I have had this Social Security Number since I was 16 years old & have filed my taxes the same way for 45 years.

Back in 2012 on January 19 I sat & waited for an appointment that Kaiser canceled due to a Hippa Breach Violations. Kaiser has me in three places with three different doctors in separate areas on the 19th of January 2012.

Kaiser didn't give a "***" about me no they let me sit there for 55 minutes give me someone else's medical information receipt make me pay for someone else's copay plus mine. Three different dollar amounts & all are reprints!

In April 2013 someone tried to get a refill on a prescription I had been given by my doctor in October of 2012. If I had not been called by my doctors office I would have never known about this.

Someone used my Social Security Number to file taxes 2014.

I have had to file a Police Report, contact all three credit bureaus, accounts, The Federal Trade Commission, mail my taxes in & send proof of who I'm to the IRS along with filling out forms. I did make the suggestion when I had to file all these reports that they may want to check out employee's who work for Kaiser. These employee's call don't leave a message & when I call the number back there is NO record of anyone calling me! My emails when I filed the Hippa Violation with Kaiser on the 19th of January 2012 along with February 2012 are gone.

I have NO idea when they disappeared I only noticed this when I went into my Kaiser membership account after I had called about the latest problem that Kaiser Employee's not paying attention to complaints or what they say. I have never deleted any email in my Kaiser Membership online.

Update by user May 16, 2015

Back in January of 2012 Kaiser gave my medical information to someone else & gave me somebody else's medical information.

Kaiser has me in three places with three different doctors on the same day at the same time.

I sat for an appointment that Kaiser had canceled & didn't tell me anything about. I believe this was done because of the Hippa Violations. I found out after I had waited for 55 minutes I was number 35 on the receipt reprint in Fremont I have no idea how many receipts there were that were given to other people in Hayward California on the same day.

Not only that but the emails sent to Kaiser in my Kaiser sign on account have vanished for January 19, 2012 & February 2012.

So far it is going on 120 days since I filed this complaint about my emails for those two months. I have no reason what so ever to delete any of that in fact I have never deleted an email to or from any doctor or employee or department at Kaiser.

The OCR which I now refer to as the "Off Consumers Rights" along with the Demented Mangled *** Care Department they just "Slapped Kaisers Hand" you know business as usual.

I do not know when or what day this Violation of my Hippa Rights started along with other members.

Since this has happened someone has tried to get prescriptions on my medical record number, employee's from Kaiser call don't leave messages etc. & say no one called yet it is listed on my phone. Now I have had to file a Police Report, contact The Federal Trade Commission, The Credit Reporting Bureaus, along with sending proof of who I'm to the IRS, had to mail my taxes they could not be done electronically because someone else used my Social Security Number to file taxes & filled out a form for the IRS I have had this Social Security Number since I was 16 years old & I have filed taxes the same way for 45 years. When I filed the complaints I informed each of the agencies that they should check out employee's at Kaiser.

If you are interested on just how bad these employee's are you can go to review #583279 on this site Pissed Consumer & look at the actual documents it will just "blow" you away. I did block out the names of the employee's on the letters that they sent.

Original review posted by user Jan 31, 2015

If you were or still are a member of Kaiser & you had an appointment on January 19, 2012 it is most likely that someone else received your medical information on the receipt you were given when you pay your co-pay & sign in in Fremont California.

I was supposedly in two different areas on the same day January 19, 2012 & had two appointments with two different doctors. One was at 2:14 pm in Orthopedics the other was in the "Critical Care Medicine" department. I do not know the time of the "Critical Care Medicine Department" appointment they could not give me that information why I don't know, I have my suspensions as to why they can't.

I have never seen this doctor in "Critical Care Medicine" ever. I do not know what the time was when "Receipts" were given to other members that were not there own but I do know when my "Reprint Receipt" was given to me. The Kaiser member who received my "Original Receipt" was registered in the "Critical Care Medicine" clinic, it was not in the Orthopedic Department.

This could have been in the early morning or late afternoon who knows with Kaiser. Kaiser has lied so much they have no idea what the truth is. And this is what happens when you tell one lie then another lie & another lie to cover up the other lies you don't remember what the first lie was.

Now that Kaiser has grown even larger & continues the lies, frauds, cover ups & Hippa Violations will only grow. I think it would be sweet justice if "KARMA" came back on all the lies that have been told by Kaiser over the years. And in this day & age big corporations do not know how to tell the truth they do not have that word in their vocabulary. The only word they know is "MONEY" & there favorite art work is the dollar sign $ along with there favorite color GREEN.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kaiser Permanente Doctor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.


I didn't like: No good answers.

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Wow....just wow....maybe you need to see a mental health doctor?? This is just going over board for no reason.

My boyfriend recently (for the fist time ever) called in a refill for a common medicine to cvs...the computer generated voice asks for a refill rx number on the bottle....the boyfriend put it the 5 digit number (he was on speaker phone) and it repeats the rx number and then says "the first three letters of the patients last name is rex" and his is "she" so he hits number 2 saying "no" so he goes back and puts the rx number off the bottle...same thing...come to find out, he was inputting a number 7 instead of a 1 (his eyesight is getting bad even though he says it's not) so I put in the right numbers and it says "the last 3 letters of the patient name is she, if so, press 1 for refill, press 2 for no" so I hit "1" and it says "your refill will be submitted for refill" the point is, someone could have hurried through it and accidently hit a wrong number and not paid attention.

Stop freaking out and making things bigger then they is too short, and you have spent way too much time on this stuff (as per all these updates on here with dates) it makes you seem parnoid and honestly have severe mental issues.

Plus what did peopke do before hippa?? Who really cares if you had a runny noise or couldn't ***, or whatever you or anyone goes for the doctor for.

to Anonymous #1304259

To Anonymous *** that felt the need to minimize what this person has been through- your reading comprehension is seriously lacking. This person has every right to be angry; they are a victim of identity theft. So, crawl back into your cave and find another hobby.

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