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I am so upset about the lack of treatment I received for my little boy (4 years old). He was having a OBVIOUS allergic reaction over the course of 5 days.

Lips swelling, welts, fevers. We went to the dr. 2 times in 3 days, I made numerous phone calls to nurses, multiple phone calls to allergist specialist trying to fit him in. And nothing was done.

I submitted pictures, and still nothing. The 2 doctors that I saw told me to give him Benedryl and ibuprofen, like a bandaid to cover the apparent more serious problem. Last night, after the 5th night of dealing with this allergic reaction, his tongue swelled up and we had to rush him to the hospital with sever angiodema. And that was WITH the Benedryl.

I mean my kids could not EVEN WALK and I told the nurse that earlier in the day!!! His feet were so swollen an dhe was in so much pain. It is ABSOLUTLY INFURIATING that I went to the dr. as many times as I did and nothing was done more than the usual, over the counter meds, when OBVIOUSLY it was a more serious issue that could have been prevented with steroids or other medications, or even a rushed specialist visit.

We have been Kaiser members for years, and I usually have nothing but good things to say. But this total LACK of concern for my obviously sick child has made me want to switch insurance companies.

Now I'm sure our support doesn't' matter to a giant company, but when it comes to my child I have to do what is best. This treatment is ABSOLUTLEY RIDICULOUS!

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