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Dr Stanley Taune Lau of Kaiser Permanente Anaheim was very unprofessional during our appointment. He was not helpful at all.

He was very short and condescending with his responses to our questions. I would never take my child back to see him as he has very poor social skills. He needs to learn how to treat his patients better as they are the reason for his job existence. If you read this Dr Lau I expect you to take this as a learning experience on how not to treat patients or people in general.

Please work on your social skills as they are very poor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You might want to make copies of each & every email you send to Kaiser in your online Membership Account with Kaiser. They have a real bad nasty habit of "DELETING EMAILS" that show fraud lies & cover ups especially "Hippa Breach Violations".

I have been forced to take it to the people on the World Wide Web. Kaiser has "Stonewalled" me, the OCR, HHS & DMHC closed all appeals & ignored all the documents sent by mail & email not to mention the faxes. Someone either Kaiser, the OCR, the DMHC or the HHS or ALL of them together went into my "Secure" online Membership Account with Kaiser (HACKED) & deleted all the emails from January & February 2012 when the "Hippa Breach Violations" were filed by me & they also removed only the "Hippa Breach Violations" in March 2012 & have the Audacity to say I deleted these emails that I filed that is how far they have there heads in the clouds. They received Technical Services from these government agencies & these government agencies have been aware of all of this & once I put the three doctors, three different doctors three different places along with different co-pay amounts ALL on the SAME DAY at the SAME TIME & ALL canceled now these "Upstanding Government Agencies" are starting to pay attention I think its a bit late for that this happened in 2012 on the 19th of January its now October 2015.

What is even worse is I didn't even get My Medical Information Receipt I got someone else's & from my REPRINT MEDICAL INFORMATION RECEIPT to this other Kaiser Members there are 35 numbers so that amount & I'm pretty sure more REPRINTS other then the 35 were done on January 19,2012. Kaiser couldn't give me my "ORIGINAL" or any of those 35 REPRINTS their "ORIGINALS" they don't know who they gave them to. Who knows how many people have been affected.

They were also aware of the fact that Kaiser made me sit for an appointment on the 19th of January 2012 to cover up these "Hippa Breach Violations" that happened on that day they didn’t care.

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