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Update by user Dec 18, 2015


Please read attached document!!!!!

Update by user Dec 08, 2015

This is a document that magically disappeared on one of my posts this document has the three doctors.

I think it might be that "Elusive Phantom" that has striked again.

Oh, my what a "MESS" this is turning into.

Update by user Dec 08, 2015

The document I'm attaching is the one that "Magically" disappeared from one of my posts this is the letter where the "Three" doctor's come in.

Oh, dear what a "MESS" this is.

Update by user Dec 04, 2015

Seems that the "Phantom" has struck again. You will not find these two reports that had documents uploaded with them "The Phantom" has them.

Not even Pissed Consumer can control this "Phantom" it has not followed any of the policies that are disclosed on this site with Pissed Consumer.

These report numbers are: 583279 & 640442 I guess someone didn't like the title I gave to report number 640442 "Kaiser Hippa Fraud, lies, cover ups & the OCR HHS & DMHC & me being used as a "Safeguard" on January 19, 2012 waiting to see my doctor for an appointment Kaiser canceled to cover-up the several "Hippa Breach Violations" & technical help from the OCR & HHS.

Update by user Dec 04, 2015

I'm attaching two letters I sent to corporate that have magically disappeared from my posts.

There was no 404 message nothing from Pissed Consumer. In Pissed Consumers policies a post or documents cannot be removed without the person posting those documents is contacted.

Update by user Nov 04, 2015

I'm attaching a letter I wrote to Pissed Consumer in Las Vegas Nevada about this post missing documents & having documents uploaded that I did not upload.

No answer to my emails or phone calls.

It will be interesting to see what type of response I will receive from Pissed Consumer. I'm also adding a copy & paste to this post about Pissed Consumers Policies. Seems nothing in there policies is enforced as you will see from this copy & paste of Pissed Consumers Terms of Use etc.

NONE of the documents that were posted when I posted this review about Kaiser in October of 2013 are attached.

When this posted review with documents was done in October of 2013 there were only three documents none of those three are here. The fourth post was removed which had just recently been added to the three documents posted in October of 2013 where it went & who removed it?

I myself just uploaded two new documents but I'm not telling which two were uploaded only the person or persons who has been doing this knows along with myself.

Who knows, but if I were Pissed Consumer I would definitely want to know who is playing musical documents removing & replacing & then removing WHOLE POST all together!!!!!!

I mean if you are going to have guidelines policies terms conditions etc., follow them other wise it is going to give people the impression that Pissed Consumer has no clue what so ever about their policies they have DEFINITELY NOT FOLLOWED THEM IN MY CASE!

Update by user Nov 04, 2015

There have been new developments in this "CORRUPTED MESS" that KAISER created along with the OCR, HHS & DMHC.

I sent a letter to pissed consumer asking who removed by uploaded documents when I posted this post in October of 2013?

No emails answered no calls answered now I have sent a "Certificated Return Receipt" to Pissed Consumer asking the same questions. Should be interesting to see what I get back as a response on this letter.

Pissed Consumer doesn't follow there own terms listed on their site what is that all about? If you don't follow them Pissed Consumer then GET RID OF YOUR TERMS!!!!!!

Update by user Nov 03, 2015

I'm uploading some of the documents that were uploaded when this post was done in October of 2013.

Update by user Oct 31, 2015

This is an update seems someone or many someones have gone & removed documents that I uploaded in 2013 of October & have replaced them with different documents hum..., I wonder who it is?

I have a copy & paste from the Pissed Consumer Website they call "LVP" it is listed below this sentence

**Legitimacy Verification Program Rules and Conditions**


Short Title.

These rules will be known as the LVP Rules. The LVP Rules are a part of, and are incorporated into, PC’s Terms of Use.

2. Purpose.

Pissed Consumer (“PC”) established the Legitimacy Verification Program (“LVP”) to provide an efficient, inexpensive and unbiased alternative dispute resolution process that will allow an interested person (a “Complainant”) to commence a process in which a neutral third party will decide whether particular content, including, without limitation, the title and body of the post, published on PC by a user (a “Post”), complies with PC’s Terms of Use. LVP allows the interested person a process to challenge Posts that the Complainant believes violate PC’s Terms of Use (“PC’s Terms”) by submitting a Complaint to PC and thereafter notifying the author of the Post (“Poster”) of the Complaint in accordance with the procedures set forth in the LVP Rules. The Poster, having been notified of a Complaint regarding one or more Posts, will have an opportunity to respond by completing an answer form (“Answer”) in accordance with the procedures set forth in the LVP Rules. PC will forward both the Complaint and Answer to an independent, neutral third-party (“Third-Party Neutral”).

The Third-Party Neutral will review both the Complaint and Answer and render a decision regarding whether the Post complies with PC’s Terms of Use. If the Third-Party Neutral determines that a Post violates the Terms of Use, PC will remove such Post and replace it with the Third-Party Neutral’s written decision. If the Third-Party Neutral determines that only portions of the Post violate the Terms of Use, the Third-Party Neutral has discretion to decide that only those portions of such Post will be removed. 3.

Does PissedConsumer remove reviews from its website? Yes. PissedConsumer removes reviews from its website if it receives an order from a Court (See: For Individuals and Companies, below) or a notarized letter from the person who posted it. (See: For Posters, below.) PissedConsumer redacts reviews from its website if you participate in Legitimacy Verification Program (LVP) and if the decision is made by LVP Arbitrator to redact it.

For Posters 8. How do I edit/remove reviews I have posted previously? At present, Pissed Consumer does not offer users the opportunity to edit or remove prior postings. You can add supplemental information to the review if review was created under your account.

Please login into your account and go to the review to add supplemental information. I have called & emailed Pissed Consumer on several occassions about my posts the missing ones & the ones that have been tampered with by removing the documents that were uploaded to the post with NO RESPONSE!!!!!! I have had to resort to snail mail "Ceritified Return Receipt" to this address: Consumer Opinion LLC 1930 Village Center Circle #3-6853 Las Vegas, NV 89134 It will be interesting as to what type of answer I will get. By the way Pissed Consumer you might want to update your website when it comes to following your own rules!!!!!!

I already know that Kaiser got "Technical Help" from the OCR, HHS & DMHC its in their own documents. Trouble is who did the actual "HACKING" into my "Secure Online Kaiser Membership Account" & "Deleted" the whole month of January & February 2012 when I filed "The Hippa Breach Violations" along with "Deleting" only the "Hippa Breach Violations" for March 2012. I know Kaiser was responsible for canceling my doctor appointment on January 19, 2012 when I sat for an appointment that had been canceled got another members medical information reprint receipt paid another Kaiser members copay got a reprint of my own medical information etc. The OCR, HHS & DMHC knew about everything up to May 2015 & DID NOT DO ANYTHING!!!!!!

Until I posted the letters from Kaiser about the canceled appointment January 19, 2012 along with the THREE different doctors, THREE different places, THREE different practices ALL on the SAME DAY & SAME TIME & this is when Kaiser's "Good Buddies" called me to inform me they were opening this case again.

I think its a bit late for that now!!!!!! Anyway they can go read their letters closing ALL my appeals & complaints.

Update by user May 23, 2015

This is what I received from Kaiser when I asked what happened to my emails from January 2012 to February 2012 when I filed a complaint about the Hippa Breach. They are using this letter to tell me that I have NO right to those emails in MY online email account with Kaiser!

Just “WTF” do they think they are?

It is a letter dated July 26, 2012 informing me that this Hippa Violation Breach was closed & it doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that I sent a complaint in to find out where those two months went. The OCR & Kaiser knows where they are & what happened to them. The “Good Buddies” are keeping tight on that one.

I now refer to the OCR as “Off Consumers Rights” just slapped Kaiser on the hand & it was business as usual with the two “Good Buddies”.

Since when can Kaiser go into my online Kaiser Membership email & take the Hippa Violation Emails & delete them? Just “WTF” do they think they are? Asssss the lot of them not to mention “Iiddiioottss” & very very good liers.

Since January 19, 2012 when the Hippa Violation occurred & Kaiser along with there “Good Buddies” over at the OCR went back to business as usual. Since this incident someone has stole my ID, they have tried to get refills, they have used my SS# to file taxes, I had to mail my taxes in they couldn’t be done online someone else had already filed there taxes under my SS#. I have had to file a police report, contact the three credit bureaus, contact the FTC, submit documents not to mention filling out forms to the IRS along with proving who I’m etc., etc.

Someone needs to answer for this & they need to be SUED for what they have done.

And like I have said many times it has taken me as long as four years to catch “Evil Corrupt Corporations” & it is time for Kaiser to get the well deserved “Karma” that has been waiting for them. That ACE up my sleeve I believe will do that for me.

The OCR also needs to be sued. They can’t open this case again per there own documents submitted to me along with the rules & regulations.

They can’t go to the documents that were sent to them in January 2012 & February 2012 they don’t have them. They have the nerve to ask me again to send them? They can go “***” themselves for all I care.

They have been informed if they want documents they can go to the many websites they have been posted on to get them. Liers absolutely disgusting!

Original review posted by user Oct 05, 2013

Kaiser gave my"ORIGINAL" receipt with all my medical personal information to someone else. I was given someone else's medical and personal information and his was a "REPRINT" as was mine.

There are 35 numbers from my "REPRINT" to his. When you register at Kaiser you get a receipt "ORIGINAL" with no "REPRINT" at that top. So, there are 33 or more people out there that have your personal information. The people who have mine are now using it to get prescriptions etc.

Please look at the documents. The OCR to remain permanetly on Shutdown Kaiser has to be investigated.


Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Now instead of ONE billing account I have TEN. Some in Northern California Southern California Colorado Pasadena


This is how corrupt corporate America has become.

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